• Where do you ship from?
    We ship worldwide from our base in Australia. 

  • What about import fees or customs fees?
    Import taxes and fees vary from country to country. You can find any potential or applicable fees on your local government website. RIGID.PRO is not responsible for any additional customs, tax, or duty fees applicable upon arrival in your country.

  • How long does shipping take?
    Our DHL Express Worldwide Free Shipping (to most countries) takes between 2-5 business days. Delivery options and expected timeframes will be displayed at checkout.

  • Are your items in stock?
    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our ability to supply according to demand and unlike some competitors which are always out of stock, we don't subscribe to the "Sales Marketing 101" tactics by holding back stock and fabricating demand. We're real, we keep it real, and there's no sales tactics employed here.

    When we launch a new product, we will often start with a pre-order basis, but clearly show the expected date of shipping which we haven't missed yet!

  • Change of Mind or Rejected Deliveries (return to sender)
    In accordance with our Returns & Refunds Policy, any change of mind or rejected delivery (return to sender), will be subject to an AUD$100 shipping/handling/restocking fee which will be deducted from your refund if entitled.

  • What is the warranty?
    We offer 6 months on the Battery Holder, D-Tap Power Outlet, LED Voltmeter, and 24 months on the frame/hardware through normal use. The customer will be responsible for any return shipping costs, and we will cover any replacement shipping costs back to the customer.

  • I'm a YouTuber, Instagramer, Tiktoker, Influencer - can I get a free unit
    Our customer base is made up predominantly of content creators and influencers that have realised the real-world benefits of our camera bases. We don't believe in 'paid partnerships' or 'contra deals' as we prefer our product to stand on its own feet and appreciate real, unpaid reviews. We prefer to work with those who have actually invested their own money into our product and then rely on word of mouth to help spread the Rigid.PRO word! Some of those early customers now receive our prototypes to try before we release them. So go on, become part of the Rigid.PRO family by becoming a customer.

  • What about Gold Mount?
    We have finally sourced and extensively tested a Gold Mount battery plate and will shortly be releasing Gold Mount options for all models. Due to the increased size and weight of Gold Mount batteries, we have designed an aluminium bracket to safely and securely mount the Gold Mount batteries.
  • D-Tap Output and Voltage
    Caution should be taken when using D-Tap outputs on any camera system. V-Mount battery voltage output can be as high as 16V or more. You should ensure that the accessory you are plugging into the D-Tap port uses a correctly regulated output voltage. For example, a quality brand name D-Tap to Dummy Battery for Sony cameras will correctly regulate the voltage to 8-9V DC. 

    Avoid generic or unknown brand D-Tap cables or adaptors, or ensure they include reference to being "Regulated" output or voltage.

    Alternatively, and our preferred method is use to the original battery in your camera, and adding a regulated D-tap to USB-C adaptor to keep your camera battery charged. This method is 100% safe and approved by most manufacturers. Rigid.PRO uses and recommends these adaptors

    Rigid.PRO accepts no responsibility for the use of any D-tap cables other than our recommended cable. 

  • My D-tap splitter is loose, should I be concerned?
    This is absolutely normal, and it is by design. The D-tap splitter is "captive" in our design. It is sandwiched between two plates and we allow it to have a little "play" side to side for good reason. D-tap plugs often need quite a bit of force to remove once plugged in. In our testing, we found that when it was firmly secured, there is a chance to break the internal fixing. So we developed a new method of mounting it within our CineRig Camera Base. It has a little movement side to side, but will never break. Our competitors have removed the rear of the casing of the D-tap splitter (leaving the circuit board exposed) and secured the splitter via two tiny screws. We do not like and do not recommend this approach.