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RIGid Pro Camera Accessories

SONY A7SIII/A7IV Cinerig Base

SONY A7SIII/A7IV Cinerig Base

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Battery Mount

If you've been looking for the ultimate cinema rig for the Sony A7SIII/A74 camera then look no further. 

Utilising the Smallrig 4308 camera cage or Smallrig 3667B camera cage, simply attach the RIGID.PRO base using the three screws provided to convert your camera into a cinematic powerhouse with just three screws!

This is now the newly released V2 version.

Use the V-Mount battery of your choice, and you'll get four D-Tap power outputs (10A max total). Plus, when combined with a dummy battery, you'll have a singular power button to power your camera and anything connected via D-Tap - including external monitors or microphones. Hit the power switch, and there's zero current draw ensuring your battery will last for hours, if not days.

You might also consider adding the ARRI Locating Top Handle and a D-tap to USB-C Right Angle Power Cable.

The RIGID.PRO base also offers complete access to ALL of the camera's buttons. We suggest you leave the camera's power slider 'on', and use the RIGID.PRO power switch. A convenient built-in LED display shows the system voltage available from the connected V-Mount battery ensuring you've got one eye on the power situation at all times. 

The A7SIII/A74 screen tucks neatly away into a felt-lined recess built into the side of the RIGID.PRO base, while the cheese plates on top and bottom provide multiple mounting options for your base plate and all your accessories.

A clever compartment inside the RIGID.PRO base allows for storing excess cable and ensures trouble-free cable management. 

The RIGID.PRO FX30/FX3 Base has been specifically designed for this highly capable camera body. Custom designed aluminium cheese plates (top and bottom) are the perfect base for mounting to a tripod base, and all your accessories on top for a rigid and reliable build.

All that's left to do is add a top handle, and you'll have the ultimate cinema rig!

V1 Assembly Video Here.

Note: The RIGID.PRO Camera Rig Bases are handcrafted with care.  They are not mass produced in a factory. As such, small imperfections/marks may be present on some parts. This does not affect the quality or functionality of the product in any way.

Camera body, lens, battery and accessories not included.

Weight: 540 grams
Dimensions: 170x129x90mm (LHW)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sam Beckman
My favourite bit of rigging equipment EVER!

Okay, I've owned and used cameras for well over a decade now, and it has been a non-stop journey trying to achieve what I considered to be a perfect rig. But, after years and years of trying, and hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) spent on various bits of rigging equipment and accessories, I was never fully satisfied.

Well, that was until someone suggested I take a look at the Cinerig from Rigid.Pro. Hands down, this is the bit of rigging equipment I have been waiting for, and it has finally made my rig feel complete.

It essentially transforms a mirrorless camera into a beautiful box style camera, giving you stacks of mounting options not normally available on a simple cage-based rig, plus it has power built into it and a dedicated on/off switch, making it so easy to power everything up. Plus, the design allows for essentially a hidden compartment between the body and the Cinerig, for some nifty cable management.

And because a good portion of the rig is made from quality 3D printed parts, it also doesn’t weigh a tonne either, which is great!

I seriously LOVE this thing!

Just one thing to keep in mind, because of the 3D printed parts, it isn’t immune to damage from drops, and in fact, I did drop my first Cinerig unit, causing some damage. That being said, Rigid.Pro have like the BEST customer support team I’ve ever experienced, and they sent me a completely new Cinerig unit - all I had to do was return my damaged one. How good is that?!

So, if you’ve been eyeing one of these off, but you’re a little undecided, not only is it seriously worth the price and I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it, BUT - you can have all the confidence that the Rigid.Pro team will help you in anyway you can!

Highly recommend!!!

It's reviews like this that make what we do even more rewarding. We're all part of the same team, so when loyalty is shown to us we return it. Thanks for being a customer and glad we could sort your little mishap for you! Happy shooting! :)

Oliver L
One of the best purchases for a A7siii

First impressions of the Rigid cage, I was super excited to run my monitor and camera simultaneously without changing batteries every hour. With the weight of the V mount battery, my rig balances excellently with a top handle and makes handheld shots a breeze compared to just the standalone body. The slot behind the camera is great for stashing unwanted cables. A big selling point over the Cineback was that the Dtap ports point toward the camera, making the cables much neater and less likely to get snagged in transport. 

The photos below show the Small Rig 3667B and 2999 cages being used. These cages fit just fine with the included shim out of the box. If I had to recommend one over the other, I would go with the 3667B due to the ergonomics and hot shoe placement for microphones. From shipping confirmation to delivery, it took just 9 days from AUS to Utah, US, which I thought would be much longer but I was pleasantly surprised. I could not recommend this product more to someone looking to run everything on one battery and looking for an FX6 platform for any a7 body. 

You've made our day. We just love hearing this and we're particularly proud of the improvements we've made in each newly released model to our growing range. Thanks so much for the feedback and we love that you love our product as much as we do!

1. Elevating the A7SIII: The RIGID.PRO Base Experience

When I first got my hands on the RIGID.PRO base for my Sony A7SIII/A74, I wasn't sure what to expect. To my delightful surprise, it was a game-changer in both quality and functionality. Integrating it with the Smallrig cages felt like giving my camera a superhero upgrade, complete with extended shooting powers thanks to the V-Mount battery compatibility and a handy single power button. What impressed me the most was its solid build - a mix of PETG and aluminum that promises to stick around for the long haul. More than just a piece of gear, the RIGID.PRO base has become my trusty sidekick in the world of filmmaking, making every shoot a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

We're so pleased you're enjoying our brand new A7Siii/A7IV model Darcy. It's a business yes, but as creators ourselves we love filling the needs of other creators and improving workflows for everyone. Thanks for the positive feedback - it definitely encourages us! Enjoy your new superhero rig!

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