Rigid.PRO was born from a small idea and big dreams. As amateur filmmakers, our journey evolved with larger camera rigs and accessories. 

While small-format camera bodies allow much freedom and flexibility, you need more options for mounting all the extra components and devices. 

Finding the perfect solution was challenging. After searching for a suitable camera base, we found one that was close but unavailable for purchase. Undeterred, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Drawing inspiration from existing designs we'd seen online originating from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the USA, we decided to make our own from scratch.

With no prior CAD experience, the learning curve was steep. Still, we were buoyed by the support and encouragement we received on social media for our initial designs. We made just one, and then another for a local videographer, and two more for their friends.

Our humble kitchen bench transformed into a makeshift workshop, where we started building more rigs each day between school dropoff and dinner preparation! It became clear there was a high demand for the perfect solution that could be readily available to creators worldwide.

All our Cinerig Camera Bases are designed and assembled by hand in Melbourne, Australia. Some components are manufactured here, while others are imported from China and Taiwan. Our business may have since grown, but in case you're wondering, yes - they're still handcrafted on our kitchen bench!

And so, Rigid.PRO was born - a testament to our dedication and determination to offer affordable solutions for the perfect Cinerig Camera Base. We can't wait for you to experience Rigid.PRO for yourself.