What's new in V2?

What's new in V2?

At Rigid.PRO, we're committed to continuous improvement. We value your feedback and believe that it's a key driver in our product development. We not only listen to our customers in the field and on set, but we also encourage our team members to share their experiences and suggestions.

We're excited to announce a significant upgrade to our Sony FX3/FX30 Standard Edition, Sony A7sIII/A74 Standard Edition, and Lumix S5II/S5IIX models. These models have been upgraded to V2, offering enhanced features and improved performance.

What's new in our V2 models? We've upgraded to a new material that offers a higher-quality surface finish and enhances durability. Our V-Mount mounting bracket is now steel, a more robust choice than the previous plastic one and those found on our competitor's products. We've also recessed the power switch further on some models for improved ergonomics.

All models except the FX3/FX30 Top Handle Edition now use our in-house-designed V2 anodised aluminium top cheese plate. Clearance added to the front area of the cheese plate allows better access to camera dials and buttons.

This new cheese plate also made the FX3/FX30 Standard Edition compatible with the very popular Tilta V2 cage (using our Carbon Nato adaptor supplied). For the A7sIII/A74 model, this was a complete redesign that is more in line with our other models.

Should you upgrade? While our V2 models have not undergone functional changes, we've made significant 'refinements' that enhance their design and performance. All new orders automatically receive the V2 versions. For our valued existing customers with the A7sIII/A74 V1 models, we're offering a special trade-in program. We believe the V2 models offer a more robust design, and we're here to discuss this upgrade opportunity with you if you wish to upgrade.

We will continue delivering new products and are committed to continually refining our existing line-up to offer our customers the best possible quality and experience.

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